What is Planned Giving?

Hamilton has a long-standing tradition of estate and life payment gifts.

Planned gifts allow you to make charitable contributions, continue to meet your current income needs, and take advantage of tax incentives. Gifts of all sizes allow Hamilton to prepare students for lives of meaning, purpose, and active citizenship.

Here you’ll find the information you need when considering a planned gift to Hamilton. You also will find information to share with your financial advisor and estate planner. When you are ready, you can use this site to contact us to share your plans, let us know what you are considering, or just start a confidential, no obligation conversation about what’s possible.

The Joel Bristol Associates

Those who remember Hamilton College with legacy gifts—wills, trusts, or life income gifts—are recognized as Joel Bristol Associates. Planned gifts of all sizes support student financial assistance, faculty development, campus improvements, and other opportunities on College Hill.

Many members have simply named Hamilton as a beneficiary of a retirement account or in their will or trust (sample bequest language below will help you complete your plans). Others have made life income gifts such as charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder unitrusts.

Membership is simple! The only thing you need to do is let us know you have included a gift to Hamilton in your future plans, or if you’d like to do so. Your forward thinking will ensure that future generations of talented and hardworking students can experience the life-changing opportunity of a Hamilton education. Sharing your intentions allows us to help you choose the gift that’s right for you and better plan for Hamilton’s future.

Members as of June 30, 2018

Class of 1909
Paull Baum*
Paul D. Kneeland*

Class of 1912
Albert Haines Wallace* & Pauline W. Peternella*

Class of 1914
Taylor S.* & Patti H.* Abernathy

Class of 1915
Robert* & Pearl* Higbie
Paul L. King*

Class of 1917
William M. Bristol, Jr.*

Class of 1918
John H.* & Dorothy* Bruins
Frank* & Marion* Colridge

Class of 1920
Mr. * & Mrs.* Edgar W. Couper

Class of 1921
Mr.* & Mrs.* William C. Bolenius

Class of 1922
John D. Hamilton*

Class of 1923
Robert H. Chastney*

Class of 1924
Romeyn F.* & Alta* Culver
Donald A. Hamilton*
George* & Emily* Marks
Nathaniel H. McGiffin, Jr.*

Class of 1925
Howard M. Bingham*
Charles E. Doll, Jr.*
Dr.* & Mrs.* Philip L. Gray
Mrs. John McMaster*
Mrs. A. Russell Thompson*
Richmond E.* & Marion R.* Thompson
Archibald P. Wayne*
Harry D. Yates*

Class of 1927
Kathryn* & Burton C.* Belden
Doane C. Comstock*
Leon H. Lyons*
D. Malcolm* & J. Claire* McMartin
M. Carleton* & Hilda Y.* Virkler
Homer Wakerly*

Class of 1928
Mrs. William Bannerman*
Donald D. Bradley*
Vincent S.* & Nancy* Jones
Katherine Fisher King*
Mrs. Reginald W. Lyon*
Kenneth W. Watters*

Class of 1929
William Tod* & Rosemae* Campbell, Jr.
Mrs. A.R. Crane*
Chamberlain Ferry*
Mrs. Robert D. Gage*
Mrs. Lester C. Huested*
Lawrence L. Mulcahy, Jr.*

Class of 1930
Alaric R. Bailey*
Paul E. Brown*
Mrs. Maurice Jenks*
Milton P. Kinsey*
George E. Miller*
John H. Niemeyer*
P. V. Rogers*
Mrs. Stedman D. Tuthill*

Class of 1931
Wilmer* & Esther* Bresee
Robert C. Carpenter*
Leslie E.* & Katherine D.* Eggleston
Howard A.* & Frances O.* Lawrence
Mr.* & Mrs.* Robert T. Morrison
Robert L.* & Linda C.* Wilson

Class of 1932
Mildred S.* & George W.* Brown
Wilson L. Coward*
Marian Pritchard Forsythe*
Henry T.* & Helen S.* Maijgren
Marsden Tuthill*
Newt* & Jinnie White

Class of 1933
Samuel Ayers*
William H.* & Marjory B.* Corwin
Mr.* & Mrs.* Anthony Cosentino
Mr.* & Mrs.* Chauncey D. Cowles
Mac Diggs*
Mrs. Frode Jensen*
Frederick T. Keeler*
Gifford M.* & Rebecca G.* LLoyd
Jeanette B.* & Donald L.* Martin
Mrs. Thomas F. Robertson*
Harold W. Symonds*
Charles Lafayette* & Clare D.* Todd
Henry Work*

Class of 1934
Lavinia R. Buck*
Coleman* & Mary Poston* Burke
George* & Phyllis Collins
Jan L. Deelman*
John Dengler*
David A. Fraser*
William G. Roehrick*

Class of 1935
J. Donald Ahearn*
Richard J.* & Winifred C.* Brandt
Franklin Ely*
Frederick Carlos Ferry, Jr.*
Hugh R. Jones*
Sol M. Linowitz*
Lewis S.* & Elizabeth H. Rathbun
Grace R. Reed*
William K. Van Allen*
Anonymous (2)

Class of 1936
Mr.* & Mrs.* David E. Basten
George P. Bates*
Ordine C. Beakes*
William James Chase*
Robert E.* & Mary T.* Coon
James S.D. Cooper*
H. Wilmot DeGraff*
James Taylor Dunn*
John Bennett Hatfield, Sr.*
Frank W. McKee*
Warren R. Montgomery, Jr.*
Edward A. Nichols*
Elihu Root III*
C. Marsden* & Helen* Vanderwaart

Class of 1937
F. Andrew Brown*
Jean & Frank* Clark
Arthur A.* & Joyce* Darrigrand
Henry C. Estabrook*
John Gray*
C. Russell Phelps*
Mr.* & Mrs.* Mahlon F. Stilwell

Class of 1938
H. Allen* & Geraldine* Carroll
Robert L. deCourcy*
Dr.* & Mrs.* David M. Ellis
Judith Getman Henry*
Maryann & Alfred* Putnam
Morton C. Treadway, Jr.*
Mrs. Mathews C. Waddell*
George R.* & Frances S.* Waddington

Class of 1939
Mr.* & Mrs.* David C. Childs
Anthony R. D’Agostino, Jr.*
Alfred L. DeSanctis*
David J.* & Muriel* Doyle
John B. Hawley*
W. Allenby Jones*
Priscilla & Frank* Merritt
G. Roger* & Lynn* Weeden

Class of 1940
Van Caldwell*
Mrs. Donald S. Connell*
John F.* & Stella H.* DeBernardis
Mr.* & Mrs.* Farley G. Fish
Mr.* & Mrs. Ralph E. Hansmann
Mrs. Stanley H. Jones, Jr.*
Frank V. Phelps*
Cynthia* & Charles D.* Root, Jr.
John H.* & Winifred S.* Smith
Arthur S. Thompson*
Curtis R.* & Estelle K.* Wilhelm
Mr.* & Mrs.* Edward J. Wynkoop, Jr.

Class of 1941
Margaret E. & Fel G.* Davies
Gordon M. Hayes*
Mrs. Frances Z. Keeler*

Class of 1942
Robert* & Martha Collins
William P. Doremus*
Charles* & Harriet* Eames
Mary Ann & Edward* Gelsthorpe
Dr. & Mrs.* George R. Gillmore
Albert M.* & Linda Hartig
Frank B.* & Claire S.* Leonard
Dwight Newton Lindley*
Robert Bradford Paddock* & Blair Alexander Paddock
Anthony K. Pomilio*
Donald K. Weber*
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1943
Otis M. Bigelow III*
William M. Bristol, III* &
Mary Jayne Comey*
Alexander R. Hamilton*
Mr.* & Mrs. Milton P. Kayle
James M. Kieffer*
Lawrence B. Lindemer
David I. Mead, Jr.
Dr. Roy S. Moore, Jr.*
Henry B.* & Joan E.* Nesbitt
Hans H. Schambach
Robert N. Small*
Mr.* & Mrs. Charles B. Tennant
George Coffin Towe*
Dr. Richard J.* & Jean F.* Valone

Class of 1944
Molly & Joe* Anderson
Patricia* & Richard* Couper
Milt* & Nikki* Fillius
Earl E.* & Dorothy Z.* Huyck
John F. Marshall*
Mr.* & Mrs. Matthew B. McCullough
Mrs. George Kenneth Mooney
Robert J. Page*
Mrs. Robert S. Parker*
Perry L. Pindar, Jr.*
James T. Rhind*
John B. Root*
W. Ben* & Ellen D.* Sherwood
Robert D.* & Bonnie J.* Stone
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1945
Ruth F.* & Clarence E.* Aldridge
Ellis* & Jane* Bradford
Duy Hutchison*
Mrs. William D. Love, Jr.*
Frederic Rueckert
Thomas G.* & Carolyn K. Smiley
James C. Wilcox*
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1946
Dr.* & Mrs. John K. Backus
Charles G. Brink*
Robert G. Howard
James Kent, Jr.*
Edmund A.* & Nancy K. LeFevre
William G. McWilliams*

Class of 1947
Robert D.* & Claire Herkimer* Anwyl
Theodore Henry Miller Crampton* & Janet    Wert Crampton
William H. & Elizabeth P. Girvan

Class of 1948
Dan Ferguson
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1949
Allan R. Law*
Frederick W. McGarity*
Franklin E. Parks*
George A. Rivers*
F. Eugene & Loretta Romano
Hugh A. Smith*
Charles J. Standish*
Walter N. Van Popering*
Dale P. Williams*
Anonymous (3)

Class of 1950
Barbara V. & Dean Alfange, Jr.
Mr.* & Mrs. Clair P. Babcock
E. M. Bakwin
Robert S. Bloomer, Jr.
Harold E. & Roxanne Coleman
Robert C. & Susan S. Conklin
Albert A.* & Constance H.* Getman
Richard A. & Joan Grimley
Mr.* & Mrs. Charles W. Knapp
Mary & Quentin* Knauer
John H. Moore*
Marjorie B.* & Francis H.* Musselman
Charles F.* & Nancy G. Rice
Daniel L. Royce*
Mr.* & Mrs.* John F. Russell
Mallory & Dolores B. Stephens
S. Gilmer Towell
Keith Wellin*
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1951
David P. Amerman
Donald H. Baldwin*
Peter T. Cameron
Edward H., Jr. & Patricia W. Christ
R. Clinton* & Barbara H. Emery
Sam Fairchild*
Charles W. Farber*
Douglas C. Johnson*
William Kaufmann*
Leonard E. Kingsley*
John F. Koenig*
Carl & Cordelia Menges
Donald & Elinor* Pollock
Omar S. Pound*

Class of 1952
John R. Banks
Harold L., Jr.* & Betty* Ferris
W. Lawrence Gulick
Silas Keehn*
Harry H. Love
William F. Love*
Charles McLouth III*
Frederick* & Patricia* Selch
William R. & Geraldine G. Welsh
Donald K.* & Doris H.* Zellner

Class of 1953
Robert M. Abrams
Jay T. Badgley
Barbara & Alan Coleman
Antoine duBourg*
Judith C. & Raymond R.* Goehring, Jr.
J. Ruskin Kerr*
William S. Prescott*
Jane & Connie Ring
Robert A. & Janet C. Scala
Jeffrey Steinkamp
Henry F. Szarowicz*
Anonymous (2)

Class of 1954
Kedar K. Adour
Russell D. Chapman
Mrs. Hamilton H. Kellogg*
Barbara & Quentin (Bud)* Lyle
David A.* & Mary D. Nelson
Tom & Pat* Puffer

Class of 1955
Clara Joe & Tom Fisher
Allen Hallock
Mrs. George L.T. Kerr
Stanley G., Jr. & Sylvia Z. Schade
Kathryn & William Yeomans

Class of 1956
William S. Bradley
John F. Bush III*
Paul D. Carter
Peter T. Cox*
Bill & Marilyn Fivaz
H. Paul, M.D.* & Linda S. Lewis
Albert C. May, Jr.*
Anthony F. & Joan G.* Romano
David L. Rothstein
Edgar J. Smith*
Robert T. Williams*
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1957
Barbara* & Robert Barnes
William E. Braunlich
Bruno Colapietro
Ann* & Thomas A. Farrell
David H.* & Ann L. Hinchcliff
Richard H. & Jean M. May
Paul N. McGiffin
Earle L.* & Elizabeth D. Schemerhorn
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1958
William E. Billings, Jr.
David Burner*
Christopher W.* & Catherine C. Covert
William S. Easton*
Leon C. Gane*
Eveline & Henry v.Z. Hyde, Jr.
Gary W. Leonhardt*
James D. MacLennan
Ranlet Miner, Jr.
Patricia M. & Philip C. Mower
Mead F. & Elizabeth Northrup
T. Richard & Susan B. Parker
Haskell Rhett
Francis E. Rizzo
Thomas C. Succop
Susan & Brent Wedding

Class of 1959
Barbara M. & Stephen H.* Anthony
The Dirvin Family
Paul W. Kremer*
Ann & Philip Mead
Craig L. Pritchard
Charles W. Ring*
Theodore S. Smith, Jr.*
The Solmssen Family
Richard H. Storm
David M. Stratton
Bill & Amey Wieting

Class of 1960
John & Beth Allen
Leland E. Ames
Stuart A. Babcock*
Dorothy & David Crabb
Daniel & Karen E. Gottovi
Timothy R. Hutchens
William J. & Deborah A. Pearson
Philip & Roberta Puschel
Sandy & Howard Schneider

Class of 1961
Dennis R. & Gail P. Baldwin
Mortimer B. Barron
Thomas R. Crane, Jr.
George H. Elferink & Shirley A. Strother
Dr. N. Timothy Hall
R.D. Boyd Harman
David B. Harris
J. Stephen & Ann M. Kittelberger
David E. Mason
Henry M. Pinkerton
Roderick McKay Ramsay
Anne O. & Stuart L. Scott
Charles O. & Sara E. Svenson
Howard J. Wilcox

Class of 1962
John* & Geraldine J. Dobrasz
W. Leslie Peat
Susanne M. & John R. Weaver

Class of 1963
Peter R. & Constance G. Badger
Lynn J. & Lynne A. Barden
Lawrence A. DeLong
Peter B. Fischer
Sean K. & Sue-Ellen H. Fitzpatrick
Carl T. & Cindy K. Hayden
Herbert & Toni Kestenbaum
George M.* & Sandra J. Meslow
Paul H. & Constance M. Silverman
Alan R. Turner
Christopher H. Washburn
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1964
Peter E. & Elizabeth L. Bowles
Peter & Marilyn Cass
Susan & Terry Egnor
Mark & Janet Evans
Daniel D. & Karen V. Green
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hall
Scott & Ellen Hand
Dr. Jonathan H. Kinne
Roger M. Lewis
Art & Karen Massolo
Alan McCullough, Jr.*
Richard B. Stebbins
Jonathan C. Vick & Lael Montgomery
Sherwood M. & Anne N. Walls
Milton J. & Caroline H. Walters
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1965
Stephen Bauer*
Alan B. & Jennifer G. Booth
John B. & Flora C. D’Arcy
Timothy O., Jr. & Michelle D. Fanning
Dr. Michael C. Brainerd & Dr. Donald F. Gerardi
John K. Gemmill*
Andrew F. Johnson & Raymond R. Robinson
Joel & Elizabeth Johnson
Michael & Donna Lane
Scott B. & Gladys G. Macdonough
Robert F. & Julia R. Parker
Thomas J. Pasko
Robert C. & Sandra P. Pomeroy
Stephen R. & Sandra M. Rounds
Charles W. & Joy A. Sweet
William S. & Janet K. Weaver
Robert W. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Woodin, Jr.
Anonymous (3)

Class of 1966
Curtis L. Decker
Charles A. & Barbara V. Dowd
R. Jack III & Micheline B. Eastham
Thomas H. & Joanne M. Gouge
D. Roger Howlett
James T. & Margot C. Mabie
F. William McClelland
Robert A. & Nancy McKie
Malcolm B. O’Malley*
Thomas J. Schwarz
John S. Snyder
Stephen P. Steinberg
Woody Studenmund

Class of 1967
Robert W. & Cynthia C. Barker
Peter Bingenheimer
Charles J. & Stephanie J. Bonenti
Peter & Diane S. Chapin
Thomas J. Crawford*
Lee & Sue Garcia
Michael C. Lang
Richard M. Leisner
Daniel D. Shonn, Jr.
Thomas E. & Grace G. Wilson
Peter L. Yeager

Class of 1968
Roderick G. Baldwin
Edwin M.* & Shelley O. Baranowski
Donald L. Conover & Deborah A. McGlauflin
Alexander B. & Dedria Cruden
Marshall C. & Paula J. Henry
Bruce E. Hogman
William T. Semple
Thomas B. Wheeler
Charles W.D. Woodward
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1969
W. Langdon & Susan R. Brown
Michael R. & Sandra S. Bruce
William M. & Laurie C. Carson
Richard D. Chapman
Keith W. & Robyn A. Daniel
Thomas Ducibella & Angela Nannini
Michael D. Seitzinger & Maria J. Cusick
L. Vincent Strully, Jr.
Peter & Lenore Verrill
David A. White

Class of 1970
Kenneth J. Blume
James S. Campobello & Vicky Davison
Carlton J. Dasent
Lynn G. & Wilson C. Everhart, Jr.
Ralph J. Menconi, II
Robert D., Jr. & Cheryl L. Shallish
Martin J. & Betteann L. Sherman
Frederick & Joanne Soued
Frank H. Valone

Class of 1971
Ernest J. Cavallo, Jr.
Thomas J. Cooper
Paul Crumrine
W. Lee Gragg, II*
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Kalita
Robert F. Kuhling, Jr. & Michelle D. Wilcox
George F. Little II
Robert H. & Lydia S. McGowan
Ronald H. Mechur
Charles W. & Marjorie Z. Van Vlack
Jack, Jr. & Lynda A. Withiam
William W. & Pamela B. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Jaime E. Yordan
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1970 ½
Scott W. Belleman
Jonathan Cohn
William T. & Cynthia Daugherty
Paul J. Flynn
George H. Gray
Alfred C. Groff
Joseph K. Hage III & Hedy A. Hage
Jon A.L. Hysell & Barbara T. Britt-Hysell
Douglas M. & Marion L. Jerrold
Andrew E. & Edith C. Peterson
G. Jeremiah & Gail S. Ryan

Kirkland Class of 1970 ½
Susan Bickford
Elspeth Savage McClelland

Class of 1973
Robert G. Brewer, Jr. & Constance B. Lohse
Stuart J. Hamilton
Richard A. Kavesh
Mark Rice
Roy H. Schecter & Karen Sahulka
Stephen C. & Debbie J. Small
Thomas A. & Jane M. Thompson
John N. Villios* & Nancy Kriegel
Henry B. & Bernadette S. Watkins

Kirkland Class of 1973
Barbara Brewer Clark & Barkley Clark
Jean Miller Zinn & Michael Zinn

Class of 1974
Michael J. Bordy
Glen S. & Beth W. Gilbert
Jeffrey Cooch Hewitt
Donald R. & Diane S. Kendall, Jr.
Laurie & Benjamin Madonia
Douglas E. & Diana K. Singer
Edward G. Watkins
Anonymous (1)

Kirkland Class of 1974
Lynne Hochheiser Groff
Maria D. Zammit & R. Michael Graham

Class of 1975
John B. & Kimberly M. Emerson
John S. Hutchins
Joseph C. & Joan Konen
Peter B. Lotto
Peter W. Sluys*
Douglas R. & Laura Wright

Kirkland Class of 1975
Martha T. Hamblin*
Beth Starr Martin

Class of 1976
David Harris Baker, Sr.
Roger H. & Bridget Ryan Berman
Stephen E. Haweeli
Anthony K. Scoon & Patricia A. Shepherd
Alan H. Silverman
Walter Stugis
Charles H. Tint

Kirkland Class of 1976
Arla Altman
Margaret K. Considine*
Christine Deluca Lotto

Class of 1977
Donald J. & Joni S. Chizzonite
Mark & Lynn Fitchet Filipski
David P. Hess & Lori Reding
Patrick M. & Janet N. Regan
Deborah B. & Karl F. Schoch, Jr.
Philip I. & Terry C. Weinberg

Kirkland Class off 1977
Carol Travis Friscia & Anthony J. Friscia
Elizabeth P. Hawkins
Susan E. Skerritt

Class of 1978
K. Blake Darcy & Stephanie B. Prisch
Chip & Barbara Greene
Philip L. Hawkins
Scott G. Klein
Marc S. Komisarow & Brenda L. Mooney
Peter E. Smith
Andrew W. Wilson
Anonymous (1)

Kirkland Class off 1978
Catherine M. Fahey
Anne Bigham Hutchins
Anonymous (2)

Class of 1979
Aron J. & Susan B. Ain
Steven A. Culbertson
John Hewko
Harold L. Husovsky & Susan Stred
Ann B. Hutchins
Richard F. & Deborah A. Kadlick
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1980
Jon E. Englund
Robert E. & Louise Fryklund
Linda E. Johnson & Harold W. Pote*
Alejandra N. Longarini-Gutierrez & Albert J. Gutierrez
Martin W. & Brenda K. Ross-O’toole
Ronald R. & Mary H. Pressman
Stephen W. & Roseanne D. Starnes
John W. & Karen D. Wayman

Class of 1981
Sanford A. Bristol
D. Chad & Kathleen W. Davis
Paddy J. & Vikki B. McGuire
David H. & Patricia H. Steinwedell

Class of 1982
Thomas E. Abrams
Scott J. Allocco & Douglas Clark
Mary McLean Evans
Katherine Cooper Hastings
Gregory T. & Carolyn P. Hoogkamp
Kraig H. Kayser
Peter A. Nelson
Mary Varisco Seidner
John P. & Suzanne M. Ward

Class of 1983
Marie R. Carole
John J. & Mary J. Christopher
Joseph T. Flynn, Jr. & Mark A. Nowlan
Gregory L. & Jean M. Gilroy
John F. Hadity
Cheryl C. Yakey

Class of 1984
Thomas M. & Deborah S. Finn
Timothy B. & Aliina Hopkins
Joan Randolph & Jonathan C. Magruder
Elizabeth Finegan Menges
Robert F. & Karen S. Reed
Adam L. Seidner
Joseph C. Sullivan & Kathleen Bradley Sullivan
Clyde C. Tuggle
Anonymous (2)

Class of 1985
Abigail W. & John A. Brady III
Gretchen M. & Brian Grad
Catherine D. & Elliott E. Masie
Peter W. Menges
Beth & Greg Robitaille
Robert S. Simon
Kathryn Breslin & Mason B. Wells II

Class of 1986
Magdalena Cynkutis-Simon
Stefan W. Engelhardt
Tracy Smith & Scott C. Fauver
Melissa Joyce-Rosen & Jacob A. Rosen

Class of 1987
Monique L. & Eric A. Holloway
Lea Haber Kuck
Perry D. Seelert

Class of 1988
Lauren & Paul Creamer
Robert E. Feighan
Susan E. Hanifin & Kevin A. Cotter
Petros G. & Lina A. Toledo Kitsos
Thomas A. Kuck
Valerie J. Schmitt & Rob Levine

Class of 1989
Thomas M. Salatte & Christopher C. Bendixen
Frank C. & Kimberly Vlossak
Kathryn Smith Williams &
Arnold Fitger Williams
Daniel L. Diederich & Ann Gnuse Diederich

Class of 1990
John G. Cressey
Stacey Vaughn Feighan
Cynthia Gordon
M. Eileen Kelsh & Kenneth Ambach
Paul R. & Jennifer C. Reichert
Mandy C. Rosenblum & Elizabeth J. Hecht
Sharon S. Walker

Class of 1991
John W. & Amanda J. Elliott
Rebekah Sassi & Kirk T. Berlenbach
Sean E. Epps
Karen Rothballer Seelert
Mark A. & Deirdre C. Thomas
Tiffany-Dian Thomas-Tweed & Scott F. Tweed
Timothy D. & Evita Twerdahl

Class of 1992
Brian E. & Kathryn Chiappinelli
Ward V. & Kimberly M. Halverson
Torrence D. Moore & Jamie M. Horn
Scott W. Russell
Elizabeth L. Sporte & Matt Ehn
Scott M. & LynnErin McNeil Tyler

Class of 1993
Charles W. & Katherine Winn Boyer
Craig Selimotic Danforth
Christopher & Linda Green
Patrick R. St. Amant

Class of 1994
Aditya Bhasin & Catherine H. Lamont
Anthony P. Lacavaro & Athena Devlin
Sona Virdi

Class of 1995
Melissa R. & Charles E. Calvert
Robert F. Carrigg, Jr. & Briana Marshall
Erica M. & Peter Liljefors
Alexandra B. Stevens & Jeffrey A. Cooper

Class of 1996
Jared H. & Amanda A. Bowling
Frederick E.A. Bush
Anthony J. Pasiak II & Katie E. Connell
Jack R. Selby

Class of 1997
Kate H. & Robert T. Naughton
Elizabeth A. Nolan

Class of 1998
Samantha P. & Stephen P. Finkelstein

Class of 1999
Andrew W. Begley*

Class of 2000
Sara L. Jackson
Richard A. Stieglitz, Jr.

Class of 2001
Kari Diamond & David Kayiatos
Sara Beth & Kevin M. Ziesenitz

Class of 2003
Meagan E. Burke
Maurice I. Owen-Michaane
David T. Steadman
Anonymous (1)

Class of 2004
Robert W. Diehl & Beck Brenner

Class of 2005
Bobby & Rebecca J. Cpin
Sara F. Messier
Alexander H. Webb II

Class of 2006
Brook T. Wolcott

Class of 2007
Michael M. Berube
Daniel C. Fielding
William T. Hutchinson

Class of 2008
Britt A. Freitag
Anonymous (1)

Class of 2009
Robert S. Brewer & Catherine Arnaud-Charbonneau
Phillip J. Hoying
Thomas J. Kobayashi

Class of 2010
Axel J. Azcue
Anthony R. Bottini III
Marcus D.P. & Hannah W. Dormanen
Sarah E. Minton

Class of 2011
Nicholas D. Stagliano

Class of 2012
Zijun Zhang

Parents & Grandparents
Mr.* & Mrs.* James D. Andrews P’88*
Elizabeth T. & Michael M. Beaudrias P’06
Walter Beinecke, Jr.* P’70 ½ ,’80, GP’94,’98,’03
teven & Kristine Bellona P’03
Mrs. Robert S. Bloomer, Sr.* P’50
J. Frederick & Carol Bush P’96
Daniel J. & Sherry A. Carrigan P’05,’07
Linda & Ken Cutler P’05
Richard M. & Barbara M. Detwiler P’15
Alexander Ewing, Sr.* P’69, GP’04
Fenggui Fu P’85,’91,’96*
Patricia Haines* P’61
Nina E. Hastings* P’58*
Harold H.* & Betsy Healy, Jr. P’78
Mr.* & Mrs.* Henry W. Johnson P’65, GP’93
Nancy M.* & Victor S.* Johnson, Jr. P’71
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Lacey P’81
Jeonghun Lee P’13
Dennis P. & Ann Marie Lynch P’88,’93,’06
Maureen T. McCarthy P’07
Susan & Kevin McGonigle P’17
Janice Parrott P’81
Vera Philipps* P’66*
Stephen S. & Mary Ann Phillips P’07
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick G. Rittner P’81*,’88
Dorothy K. Rose* P’59*
George L. Savory* P’55*
David J. & Randi S. Sorin P’07,’10
Barbara G. Starnes P’80
Mary Kent-Miller Tennant* P’58*
Ted & Gretchen Keehn Thomsen P’75
Mr.* & Mrs.* Francis E. Townley P’70
Marjorie Z. Van Arsdale* P’70 ½ *
Pamela S. & John R. Van Siclen P’06
Anonymous (2)

Nancy & Dean Abelon
J. Malcolm Allan
John Low Baldwin*
Ann Barthold*
Eloise B. Bender*
John W. Blyth*
Lisa Harden Brickey
Elizabeth Brown*
Elizabeth N. Buckley, granddaughter of Samuel Hopkins Adams, 1891
J. Martin & Barbara Carovano
Hazel M. Carter*
Robert L. Clark*
Donna Cote*
Marcia T. Dawson*
C. Thomas Easterly*
Eleanor F. Green*
Amy R. & Dale Hunt
Clare Gesualdo
John B. Jackson*
Evelyn Jadot*
Rosemarie Kainz*
Ismene Kalaris*
Lee Kreinheder*
Edwin B. Lee, Jr.
Lois F. Lewis*
Frank K. Lorenz*
Archibald L. Love*
Elizabeth J. McCormack
Joseph F. McCrindle*
Phyllis S. Miner*
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How to Give

Not only do you have options for how your gift will be used, you also have options on what to give and how to give. There are gifts that cost you nothing now, gifts that pay you income, and gifts that allow you to decide what happens when.

Beneficiary Designations
Retirement Assets and other Funds

Naming Hamilton as the beneficiary of a retirement plan asset such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) will accomplish a charitable goal while realizing a significant tax savings.

Gifts from Your Will

Through a provision in your written and executed will or living trust, you can make a gift to Hamilton in the form of cash, securities, or real estate. There are many types of bequests. Consult with your attorney to choose the one that best fits your needs and intentions.

Life Income Gifts
Charitable Gift Annuities

You can turn underperforming assets (cash, stock, CDs, etc.) into a gift to Hamilton that makes payments to you and a loved one. Your Hamilton charitable gift annuity will return fixed, quarterly payments for life and provide tax benefits, too.

Gifts of Appreciated Assets
Buy Low. Give High.

When you donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares instead of cash, your gift costs you less than the amount Hamilton receives. You’ll get a charitable deduction for the full amount of your gift and avoid the impact of capital gains taxes.

Charitable IRA Rollover
Make a Tax-Free Gift from Your IRA

If you’re 70 ½ or older, each year you can instruct your IRA administrator to transfer all or part of your required minimum distribution (up to $100,000) directly to Hamilton and avoid paying the tax had you taken it as income.

Gifts of Real Property
Real Estate and Other Property

Like stock, the fair market value of gifts of appreciated assets can be deducted from your income tax today, allowing you to avoid capital gains and reduce estate taxes in the future. There are even ways to donate your home and live there as long as you’d like.

Donor-Advised Funds

Designate Hamilton to receive all or a portion of the balance of your Donor- Advised Fund (DAF) through your fund administrator (you also can make a grant to us at any time from your donor-advised fund). The balance in your DAF passes to Hamilton when it terminates.

Gifts Through Trusts

Charitable remainder unitrusts make payments to you or another beneficiary with the remaining value passing to Hamilton. Charitable lead trusts provide payments to Hamilton with the remaining value passing to your heirs. For the savvy donor, charitable trusts can provide tax-advantaged income, eliminate capital gains tax, or preserve assets for your heirs.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Name Hamilton as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or donate an existing, paid-up life insurance policy you no longer need.

Meet Our Donors

Let’s Talk

Planning your estate and legacy for future generations, including your charitable interests, takes careful evaluation. Our experienced professionals can assist you through the process of completing a gift to the College for the purpose of your choice.

Discussing your charitable intentions with us can lead to a much better result than going it alone and will ensure that your gift is used just as you wish. Act now to be a good steward of the resources you intend to leave behind. Please allow us to thank you by using the contact information below, or submit this form to get more information.

Contact Us

Hamilton College
Gift Planning
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Ben Madonia ’74
Director of Gift Planning
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For Professional Advisors

If you are working with a professional advisor, or advising a donor, here’s a useful guide for including Hamilton in a charitable estate plan.

Download Advisor Guide